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Birdseye & Tanner Brooks Farm – West Cornwall, CT

Birdseye & Tanner Brooks Farm – West Cornwall, CT

Birdseye & Tanner Brooks Farm produces USDA CERTIFIED GRASS FED, grass-finished, pure bred, registered Galloway beef and pure bred Icelandic lamb. The two breeds have a well-earned, long-standing, reputation as the very best you can buy for taste and flavor, for thriving on grass alone, and for yielding meat high in Omega-3s.

In addition to lamb, we produce mutton, hogget*, and delicious mutton sausage (Sweet, Chorizo spiced, and Spicey Italian). We sell sheepskins and fleeces, yarn, roving, and felt — even, as available, real horn buttons. Our yarn, in a variety of natural (undyed) colors can be found at In Sheep’s Clothing Yarn Shop, 10 Water Street,Torrington, CT, and by mail order, or at the barn.

A little about Birdseye & Tanner Brooks Farm–a 250 acre farm:
Pure Bred Galloway Cattle & Icelandic Sheep, Pasture Raised, Grass Fed, Grass Finished, Local Hay, Organic Pasture Inputs, no Prophylactic Antibiotics or Hormones ever; butchered to order & frozen, Whole, Half, Quarter, and Retail Cuts.
Mark Orth, farm manager

92 Great Hollow Road, West Cornwall, CT





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