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The Housatonic Heritage Oral History Center, at Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield, MA, engages youth and others with all aspects of oral history. The Center facilitates creative means for sharing oral history using best practices in digital multimedia presentations, performances, writing projects, various digital applications, and exhibitions.

Housatonic Heritage oral history projects:

The Center serves nonprofit, heritage-based organizations, businesses, municipalities, educational institutions (and more!) in the stories of the Upper Housatonic region through oral history.

Visit the Oral History Center’s website for more details!


Youth Engagement in Oral History

Students are engaged in the heritage of our region, and their own stories too, as the Center collects stories about current events that occur locally. They are engaged in the Center’s work via internships, work study jobs, and classroom based projects, and various other ways that may become available.

The Oral History Center helps people of all ages to learn, explore and communicate together, via storytelling.We remain committed to documenting personal narratives of complex and diverse histories and advocating for a collaborative practice of oral history which values and honors people, communities, subjects, and events that otherwise might not be included in the historical record.

Oral history involves questioning, listening, recording, and preserving diverse historical perspectives. It is a powerful model for bridging divides, advocacy, public engagement and greater historical understanding.

Contact us:
Oral History Center
Judith Monachina, Director Berkshire Community College
Office 215
Field Administration Building
1350 West St, Pittsfield, MA 01201