Natural Resources

Mary V Flynn Trail - Sept birchesThe Scenic Beauty Of The Upper Housatonic Valley

Preserve & Celebrate – the scenic beauty of the region springs from a conscious effort to restore the landscape from the ravages of early industry and other man-made degradation of natural features.

Upcoming projects include the creation of a comprehensive baseline inventory of our Housatonic Heritage area natural resources. This inventory will provide us with a perspective on opportunities and threats, and will allow us to focus on important features and related themes that will provide guidance for future projects.

To insure this inventory is complete, we will utilize our tremendous local resource partnerships of individuals and organizations to review and supplement this inventory. A series of vetting meetings will allow for public input on resource priorities, and will insure support for future directions.

  • Direct Resources with an environmental perspective such as rivers, lakes, mountains, viewsheds, & associated unique features
  • Indirect resources such as how humans have interacted with these natural resources: dams, historical sites, trails, land use (Native American, industrial), special designations such as ‘Areas of Critical Environmental Concern’ in Mass, the Arts (authors,artists) and more.

This inventory will inform our future program decisions and highlight the importance of interrelating our natural resources with continued economic development and with promoting educational outreach within our region.

Come explore the special places of the Housatonic River . . .

from its headwaters north of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, south to Kent, Connecticut. Enjoy riverfront walks through forested hillsides, a quiet float along meandering flat water, or the heady rush of world class rapids.

Quaint New England villages dot your journey, full of history and surrounded by spectacular natural beauty. Writers, artists and vacationers alike are drawn to the region from all over the world. Visit the historic home of Herman Melville, or stroll through the Norman Rockwell or Sloane Stanley museums. Find your welcome here – the Head of the Housatonic River valley in southwestern New England.