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In partnership with a few dedicated individuals, Housatonic Heritage has launched:

PAGE, a journal of Art and Literary Inspiration in the Taconic, Berkshire, and Litchfield Hills

Thanks to:

  • Brett Figlewski, Editor-in-Chief
  • Jo Ann O’Rear, Literary Editor
  • Laura Werntz, Assistant Literary Editor and Community Liaison
  • John D.C. Masters, Arts Editor
  • Pam White, Assistant Arts Editor and Program Coordinator

Visit the PAGE website at:

2012 – Writer’s Residency

Arrowhead and Pittsfield High School

Sponsored by Housatonic Heritage, Arrowhead, and Pittsfield High School

The residency took place in the spring of 2012, and included time for the writer to work in Herman Melville’s study at Arrowhead, as well as time leading student workshops at Pittsfield High School. A culminating event at Arrowhead, in the autumn of 2012, will be part of the program.

Partners in the Housatonic Heritage Writer’s Residency are Housatonic Heritage, Arrowhead, and Pittsfield High School. They hope to stimulate student interest in writing, to connect students to the region’s literary heritage, to connect the heritage sites to schools, and to support area writers and educators in their efforts to teach and learn about the unique places in the Upper Housatonic Valley. The project is a pilot to try certain methods with the hope that it may expand in coming academic years.

The 2012 residency will give primary focus to Arrowhead. Students, teachers, and the writer will immerse themselves in the stories of the place, selected writings of Melville, and the place itself: its woods, meadow, and orchard, as well as the house. The students and their teacher will also engage in some site specific project or activity, about which they will write. Future sites for similar collaboration will be considered.

The Upper Housatonic Valley National Heritage Area (Housatonic Heritage), the primary sponsor, works to preserve and promote the historical, cultural and natural resources of the Upper Housatonic River Valley region. Housatonic Heritage serves the 29-town Housatonic River watershed region, extending from Kent, Conn. to Lanesboro and Dalton, Mass.

Arrowhead is the home of the Berkshire Historical Society, an organization dedicated to collecting, preserving, and disseminating the history of Berkshire County. In addition, the Berkshire Historical Society is committed to the preservation and interpretation of Arrowhead, home of author Herman Melville, the first National Historic Landmark to be so designated in Berkshire County.

The Pittsfield School district is comprised of 12 schools, including two high schools, and serves 6,000 students. The project took place in Pittsfield High School.

Details of the residency can be seen on the Housatonic Heritage website: