Pittsfield/Dalton, MA--Spring Ephemeral Wildflower Hike at The Boulders Preserve

Apr 15 2019

Pittsfield/Dalton, MA–Spring Ephemeral Wildflower Hike at The Boulders Preserve

Moderate (moderate pace, moderate elevation changes)

A hike in search of the sleeping beauties of the forest: spring ephemeral wildflowers.The window of time when early spring wildflowers start to pop through the forest floor is brief. They must take advantage of warm sunlight before the leaves develop in the tree canopy and cover the forest floor. With field guides and hand lenses, we’ll walk roughly 3 miles through The Boulders in search of these beauties.

Please bring lunch/snack, water, and appropriate footwear.

Directions: From Pittsfield, take Routes 8/9 east towards Dalton. Take a left onto Park Avenue. Take another left onto Gulf Road in about 0.5 miles. Trailhead parking is 0.25 miles ahead on the left