Lenox, MA--Mass Audubon - Film & Forum: Permafrost Now

Jul 22 2019

Lenox, MA–Mass Audubon – Film & Forum: Permafrost Now

location: Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Lenox MA
Audience: All (suitable for children 0 & up) Fee: Free
Please join us for a special screening of Permafrost Now, with award-winning filmmaker and Pleasant Valley alumnus Stash Wislocki.
Permafrost Now
The Arctic is warming twice as fast as other parts of the planet. Nowhere is it more evident than in Alaska’s Yukon Delta, a vast treeless landscape, 350 miles south of the Arctic Circle. Scientist Max Holmes and the students from the Woods Hole Research Center travel there to study the effect of climate change on permafrost, which contains more carbon then in all the fossil fuels still in the ground. Previous estimates had permafrost beginning to melt over the next half century, now as they discover, the thaw could start as early as the next decade.
Film will be followed by a discussion with director Stash Wislocki. Register at massaudubon.org/pleasantvalleyprograms